Minit and AVOKID EDM Track “What You Did”

On September 25, underrated DJ and Producer, Minit released the track “What You Did” featuring AVOKID.

Minit is a producer that has created heavy EDM music to shake the very core of the dance music industry. He has worked with countless artists and most recently has worked with NCT DREAM to create a remix for “BOOM.” I could possibly compare Minit to that of The Chainsmokers, however, he still has a while before he makes it to the top. But that does not eliminate the fact that Minit has a boxload of talent hidden under his belt.

AVOKID, according to Spotify, is still quite new in the KPOP industry. She has released one of her first singles on Spotify titled “Color” in 2019; which is just last year. However, in the years prior, AVOKID has released covers of various other artists on YouTube. Through these videos, she has showcased her talent as a versatile and skilled singer.

AVOKID’s music is also available on SoundCloud. After viewing her content on SoundCloud, I realized that there is a lot more out there than there is on Spotify and Youtube. One of her earliest singles on SoundCloud is called “Now” which was released about two years ago.

To learn more about AVOKID or find the newest things she is up to, follow @avOkid.

The track “What You Did” combines two of these talents together to create something unparalleled to what we hear in KPOP. It’s something to listen to on a night drive down the city; perfect to let loose to and be yourself too. In the short two minutes, the artists give us, we are allowed to escape for a bit into another world.

If you haven’t already, check out “What You Did” below.

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