Renowned Ballad Vocalist ‘Punch’ Releases OST “Love Me”

On September 14, Punch released the fourth OST for the romantic-comedic Kdrama titled “Do You Like Brahms?”.

Punch, also known as Bae Jin Young, is recognized for her renowned heartfelt music that packs so much emotion and tear-jerking feelings in one song. Like sitting next to a toasty fireplace on a cold, snowy day, her songs are comforting to a lonely heart that needs something warm.

Punch’s ballads are perfect for a day when you need to cry or need to escape from reality because they are definitely sure to relieve you from your stress!

This talented artist has sung soundtracks for well-known TV dramas such as Hotel De Luna, Moonlover: Scarlet Heart Ryo, Dr.Romantic, and Pinnochio. Of course, we cannot forget her most famed works from Goblin and Descendents of The Sun.

Working with EXO’s Chanyeol, Punch created the song “Stay With Me” for the worldwide famous “Goblin” which has amounted to over 230 million views on YouTube.

Punch is recognized for her beautiful and heartfelt OST’s and her latest work for the Kdrama “Do You Like Brahms?” was no exception.

The fourth OST’s titled “Love Me”, is a slow-paced yet powerful song that tugs at the emotions. It gives this bubbling nostalgic feeling of an old love story. The song might be talking about painful love. A love where it might be too hard to be apart off.

Like many of Punch’s works, her vocals transport the audience to another world. Every note she sings, the audience is filled with awe. How can a person posses so much range and emotion in one song? Only Punch is capable of that!

Nonetheless, “Love Me” is certainly one of my favorites from this Kdrama’s OST collection.

If you haven’t already, listen to “Love Me” below.

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