Taeyeon becomes a lead actress in MV teaser for “Can’t Control Myself.”

On January 15, the songstress released a dramatic teaser for the upcoming single “Can’t Control Myself.” The video teaser gives a classy horror film atmosphere matching its cinematic feel.


Previously a few image teasers were released. Each gives off a different undertone. However, the set that sticks out to me is her most recent. The teasers look identical to the 2000s French film “Amelie.” A film about a girl on a mission to bring others the happiness she never received as a child. This slight comparison may give us a hint about what the “Can’t Control Myself” MV’s storyline will be.

As for the song, SM stated, “Can’t Control Myself is a ballad song of the pop-punk genre that stimulates emotions with a strong sound. The lyrics that TAEYEON directly participated in writing the lyrics for a dangerous love that has lost control and still longs for the other person’s heart even though he has an intuition that it will be hurt and hurt. sadly captured.”

In addition, TAEYEON’s 3rd album pre-release single ‘Can’t Control Myself’ will be released at 6 pm KST on January 17 on various music streaming platforms.

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